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Every year, I host special expeditions and do deep research in various countries.  Over the years, I have produced and directed many films and TV shows.  I have taught myself French, Sumerian, some Latin & German and have an archive of more than 5,000 manuscripts & artefacts which I use in my films & books.


Use this form to send your enquiry.  Empire of Evil is part of a trilogy of three new digital books.  The first in the Trilogy is called ANTICHRIST AND THE HOLY WAR - stay tuned to this web page for more info.  If you cannot see the ‘SUBMIT’ button, it means your browser is out of date!

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My new film, SPIRITWORLD III, represents three years of dedicated research and filming all over the planet.  I have purchased my own helicopter camera system and new technologies have been used to film the most secret of secret places!  I am therefore re-editing (again) and improving this film prior to release. 

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More than 100 digital pages with eye-popping graphics, diagrams, maps & photos from CHRIS EVERARD’S investigations at Stonehenge, the Pyramids, Avebury, Rennes les Chateaux, Medieval Castles and the world’s greatest museums; EMPIRE OF EVIL names the names of the Demons & ‘Gods’ worshipped by the Neanderthals, investigates the Sun God of the Celtic civilisation, reveals that the Ancient Order of Druids has been hijacked by Freemasons, reveals that Queen Elizabeth & several Royals are actually also Bards & Druids...

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EMPIRE OF EVIL tells the true life history of the ‘Wizards of War’... This digital book exposes the politicians who have personally invested hundreds of millions of dollars into corporations who manufacture Weapons of Mass Destruction...

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